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Glass Bulletproofing

When safety and theft protection tinting can keep your car safe from burglary and terrorism, Glass window bulletproof tinting can protect you from gunfire, bomb blasts, hammer blows, flying debris, and hurricane force winds. Usually, tinting is done on the existing glass to any percentage needed to adhere to UAE laws. Especially for celebrities and VIPs, our tinting services add privacy to any vehicle.

Glass bulletproofing protection tinting

Our bullet-resistant tinting film is a security shield which provides an impenetrable layer over the existing window. As true professionals, our services are perfect for real life threat situations involving gunfire. These films can protect your car and people, especially if you are a businessman of high profile. Our bullet resistant glass tints protect you from gunfire or forced entry and glass hazards caused by windstorms, weather, and explosions.

Protection against active shooters

One thing that should be kept in mind is that security window film can protect you from theft, but not from bullets. If your life is in danger, you should opt for our glass bulletproofing protection tinting service over our safety and theft protection tinting service. Such a step could actually prevent you from being hit by active shooters. The car windows that are protected by these kinds of films are much harder to get through and only shatter the glass in place. This can buy you time to react and take the necessary actions.

Window bulletproof tinting saves lives

All the outside threats like shootings, explosions, and break-ins could be stopped by our high-quality and efficient window bulletproof tinting service. Our films act as window armor, preventing the glass from shattering when faced with a forced entry. As a professional car window service provider in Dubai, we can guarantee you absolute protection of your car from any such threats. A bulletproof window film can really play an important role in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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