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Car Wrapping

Caropticz do car wrapping services, especially for advertisements. Through transit advertising, you are able to reach your customers and convey your brand message. In addition to such an objective, they are a cost-effective method that is flexible and protects your vehicle. Many think that car wrapping is an alternative to painting, but this is not so. It is not related to price but to a temporary color change. You can easily remove the wrap when necessary, avoiding the cost of additional paint finishes.

Car wrapping workshop in Dubai

Car wrapping can be referred to as a second skin for the vehicle as it protects the original paint from damage. This can maintain the value of the vehicle even after years. As a leading car wrapping service provider in Dubai, UAE, we execute each job with great care, ensuring the durability of the wrapping. Our films are cost-effective, flexible, and increase brand awareness.

Car wrapping colors

Our car wrap designs and colors can vary according to the user’s interests. But you should note one thing: we strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of the UAE government. To attract an audience, your car should be turned into a mobile billboard. So the images must be bright, the letters must be bold, and the viewers must turn into customers. You can either do a full vehicle wrap covering the entire vehicle or a partial vehicle wrap covering parts of the vehicle according to the need.

Car wrapping material

The materials used also vary according to different car wrapping ideas and needs. Usually, PVC material or vinyl is used for car wrapping in Dubai. Other common types include glossy wrap, matte wrap, satin wrap, and brushed car wrap. Caropticz does the best car wrapping in Dubai that matches client requirements.

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