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Polishing and Detailing

When your car requires a few cosmetic touch-ups from top to bottom to make it look brand new, then you can call it car detailing. In fact, it does not involve paintwork and body repairs. It consists of interior or exterior cleaning that may include car washing, surface claying, rubbing & polishing, paint sealing, headlights & taillights etc. Car detailing can remove scratches from every corner of your car.

Car polishing and detailing in Dubai

Car waxing and car polishing are entirely different things. People often get confused by these two terms. Waxing is when the exterior of your car is coated for paint protection, and polishing is something done after waxing for a glossy shine. Perhaps polishing is an important aspect of car detailing without which your car will never get a wet-look. It is important to get your car detailed more often for a new look.

The importance of car polishing and detailing

Car detailing extends your vehicle’s life as it keeps the paint off. It can save you money as there will be no regular breakdowns. When polishing and detailing are done, they can protect your car from UV rays and rusting. The engine also gets cleaned of dirt regularly so that the car works smoothly. Moreover, these can make sure that your car is getting a better resale value.

Polishing ensures paint protection

Many car owners skip the step of polishing and instead only do waxing and sealant. But to maintain a pristine appearance, car polishing is an essential process. When polishing is done, you’re removing a thin layer of material from the car’s surface. Using different grades of polish, this is carried out, and once it’s done, it can act as a paint protector. It can even protect your car’s surface from acid rain, fallout, bird droppings, and tree sap.

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