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Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a cost-effective option that can support fuel reduction while keeping the car cooler inside. It keeps away the harmful ultraviolet rays, which in fact damage the car by fading the upholstery over time. Moreover, reduced heat can reduce the use of air conditioning in your car. As a professional car window tinting specialist in Dubai, we provide high quality car window tinting films that are durable and reduce glare, especially at night. Our films are designed to protect the privacy of their users while simultaneously providing an uncompromised aesthetic. Moreover, car window tinting can help you protect your skin from infections or even skin cancer as it limits exposure to ultraviolet light (UV), reducing the risk of skin diseases.

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Best car window tinting services in Dubai

Our satisfied customers are the results of our efforts and the trust we have created over the years. We know the importance of customisation as a leading car window tinting service provider in Dubai. You can choose any shade of window tint for your car as we have a wide array of options that doesn’t break the rules and regulations of UAE law. Even in bright conditions, the film makes you comfortable by improving your visibility. If elegance blended with functionality is what you aim for, then there’s no other name than Caropticz in the list.

Cost-effective car window tinting Dubai

Our car window tinting services ensure protection for your car against infrared radiation. Our automotive products are safe, comfortable, durable, cost-effective, energy-saving, and of high quality. By providing an additional layer of protection for the glass, our car window tinting service can further lessen the chances of shattering.

Genuine products and services in UAE

At Caropticz, we only deliver high-quality products and services. Our car window tinting prices are reasonable when compared to others in the market.So if you are constantly searching for the ‘top rated car window service in Dubai’ , then it’s time to get in contact with us. We constantly strive to provide the best for our valuable customers.

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Types of Car Window Tinting

The best Car Window Tinting for your car depends on the factory paint in your car as it is going to form a chemical bond with the paint.

In United Arab Emirates where summer temperatures can hit outrageous cut off points, safeguarding your vehicle from daylight and encompassing hotness is basic for forestalling any harm to your vehicle and your wellbeing. Unreasonable sun contact and openness to hotness can prompt medical conditions like tanning and skin diseases

By and large, there are 3 fundamental sorts of vehicle colouring films utilized in the UAE. There are metallic, ceramic and standard carbon nano fibre assortments. The various kinds of colour films change in their mixtures, quality, and cost. Earthenware film for instance is a first in class colouring
choice that is made of clay nano fibres that permits better UV ingestion and cooling.

The most widely recognized car tinting materials are produced using a thermoplastic polymer tar compound, Polyethelene Terepthalate (PET). Once applied to the glass, it helps in engrossing hotness, gives warm protection, and successfully safeguards from UV beams by separating the approaching light

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