This is our story….

Back in 2010, before I began my journey, all I had was the trust of my customers that I made through door-to-door services. With quite a few years of experience, I was able to provide outstanding customer service that resulted in building strong business customer relationships. In 2014, I made a bold move, completely focusing on car care solutions. Initially, my business was concentrated in a small space inside a mall. But thanks to my customer base, I could expand my business to a wider space, reaching a wider audience. The people of the UAE had always trusted my efforts and hardwork and that this organization was built on the trust they had in me. Later on, my wife (NAME) also became my business partner and the whole business runs in her name now.

It all started with ‘me’ and ended up in ‘us’. Now we are an efficient team of professionals who serve more than 4,500 of our clients. From window tinting to headlight restoration, we provide a number of car services to our clients all over the UAE. It is our employees and clients that make our work excellent. We provide only the highest quality products and services to our clients. That is why we became the top-rated car window service provider in Dubai.

Our customers had so many companies to choose from, but yet they chose us. As an accredited and established car tinting service company, we can guarantee you that we are fully licensed and insured. After serving you all these years with excellence, reliability, professionalism, and dedication, we are proud to say that we are a car care service company that really cares for you and your car. And we look forward to serving you in the future too.

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